Kurnas and Boards

You will witness the transformation of marble into design and function with hand work…

Turkish Bath is a fascinating and staggering experience. You would rediscover the tradition and the love of Craftsmen in his work in every little detail.

There are many design components which make us experience this feeling in a perfect bath. The most leading one of them that communicates with users to the greatest extent is kurna. Kurna determines the style of a bath and is the core element of wealth.

Titiz Marble’s Kurnas and Boards let the Turkish Bath they are installed go on a time journey. It uses the traditional methods and forms for this. Photographs are misleading. They are far away from representing the workmanship quality and details of original ratios. A real Bath Kurna and Board seems highly different when you look at closely with its size, ratio, texture, crush and polishing work.

The characteristic that makes our Kurnas and Boards different is this. All them are produced to be “the best” with this conscious and purpose.


Titiz Granit & Mermer - Kurna Logo


Titiz Granit & Mermer - Kurna Logo


Titiz Granit & Mermer - Kurna Logo


Titiz Granit & Mermer - Kurna Logo