25 Yıldır Türk Hamamının Adı

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The Name of the Turkish Bath in 25 years

Having been considered a valuable stone in every culture and period throughout history, marble has been carefully processed and used for many years. This is evident from the traces of all civilizations once lived in Anatolia. The structures left from both the large ancient Anatolian cities and the Ottoman Empire prove that this material was given the value it deserved throughout history.

Despite the fact that nowadays we have been enjoying a greatly developed building technologies, marble still maintains its value and is preferred for its natural, unique, and aesthetic aspects today.

At Titiz Marble, we shape the marble with this awareness in mind. We know that each great work we do today will turn into an antique in the future. Our Turkish baths will be inherited to future generations just like the ones inherited from the past and will stand out as examples of today’s craftsmanship and aesthetic understanding.


Here are some examples of our passionately designed and carefully prepared projects…