Steam Room

New and refined ideas in Steam Room…

As one of the indispensible components of modern SPA&Wellness, Steam Room attains a not-in-kind appearance and function with touching of Luna Astro.

Majestic is a Steam Room all surfaces of which are made of marble. The idea of carrying naturalness and quality of marble into Stone Room also eliminates the possibility of bacteria collection on the joints which are reduced with solid surfaces. A Steam Room design coming from fairy tales by a team that manufactures precious samples of traditional Turkish stone masonry of all times.

Special dome slope enables the droplets condensed on it to reach the side walls and to water disposal channels concealed behind seats.

The fountain not only provides a nice water sound but also ensures to adjust humidity of steam room. The water disposal system concealed below the fountain ensures water formed on surfaces to be moved away from the steam room easily. Inside of Majestic that may be applied with a wide variety of marbles

Titiz Granit & Mermer - Buhar Odası
Titiz Granit & Mermer - Creating Luxury

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Titiz Granit & Mermer - Buhar Odası Color Theraphy

Therapy of Colors

Titiz Granit & Mermer - Buhar Odası Color Theraphy

Steam Room
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Creating Luxury