Modular Turkish Bath: Atlas

Four basic functions in the same volume…

Composite panels used for light and strong steel constructions consist of insulation, heater and natural marble. Atlas is heated entirely from its walls and belly.

Completely computer controlled, Atlas adjusts its temperature, humidity and steam amount depending on the selected mode. Selecting one of the functions of the Hammam or Steam Room on your entry screen.

The solution of Titiz Mermer’s Modular Turkish Bath Atlas is a new perspective that can be applied within compact volumes, yet still retains all the features of the Traditional Turkish Bath.

Titiz Granit & Mermer - Modüler Türk Hamamı

Different Options…

The Atlas has three different exterior wood finishes and three different interior marble finishes. Apart from these, any kind of special production can be realised.

Interior Marble Coatings

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Asya Beyazı
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Marmara
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Ekvator

Exterior Wood Coatings

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Bambu
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Noche
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Abanoz
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Dış Yüzey ve Dokunmatik Ekran

Exterior Surfaces

The heat-resistant material used on the outer surface of the Atlas is also covered with heat and moisture-resistant finish. The heater is not heated by the insulating elements between the panels. There are three different exterior options to fit the place and add value to it.

Touch LCD

Atlas is completely computer controlled. All functions and multimedia equipment are controlled via LCD touch screen. The electrical and electronic system has operational and safety equipment that can operate the system without computer intervention and keep it safe.


The panel is hand-made and produced in accordance with the classical Turkish Bath standards. The tile on which it is used is again handcrafted specially for the Atlas and has an artistic value. The taps, which are interpreted by modern techniques with traditional examples, are able to offer a historical texture with modern battery characteristics.


Kurna is produced by handmade by carving from high quality single piece marble. It is the same structure and size as the examples used in the traditional Turkish Bath.

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Pano ve Kurna
Modüler Türk Hamamı - Çelik Konstrüksüyon

Steel Construction

The whole unit is built on a very strong chassis of stainless steel. Self-heating panels can be placed in this system efficiently and quickly. The adjustable floor elements ensure maximum balance even on scratched surfaces.

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Buhar Jeneratörü

Steam Generator

The Atlas steam generator has been specially developed for fast, dense steam output. The fully automatic system provides steam to the interior with a steam nozzle.

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Dış Yüzey ve Dokunmatik Ekran


The dome is manufactured in monoblock construction using heat and moisture resistant composite materials. The light therapy section on the inner wall is connected to the general Light Therapy System of Atlas.

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Kapı


The door made of Securit Glass is kept in place with very strong and long lasting custom made hinges. 

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Isıtıcı Paneller

Heater Panel

The marble wall panels used in Atlas are thinned by a special method and have a structure that can house the heating system and can be mounted quickly. The heating system provides a homogenous heating in that the entire panes are evenly spread. The entire system is in world norms and is produced in such a way that it does not require maintenance.

Modüler Türk Hamamı - Işık Terapi Sistemi

Light Therapy System

The light therapy system has a relaxing and refreshing effect with light changes.