Project Description

Titiz Granite & Marble - JW Marriott, Spa&Wellness : Ankara

The JW Marriott Ankara project consists of a 100 m² public bath, a 25 m² VIP bath, Majestik Steam Room and Luna Astro hot beds. The general bath is very different from the usual Turkish baths with wave-shaped panels, a specially designed cuneiform and dome structure, which is a Titiz Marble classic. The sac chambers located at the door entrances are again Titiz Marble class with its bearings and niches shaped by the ship form. The core stone consists of 1500 pieces and has a diameter of 4 meters. The lighting elements made of thinned marble adorn the dome joints while the margins designed in parallel with the traditional examples separate all washing sections from each other. The high ceiling and ceiling lighting is made up of units that give the same effect prepared by taking samples of daylight windows of traditional Turkish baths.

Project Pictures